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When you build new skills and learn how to apply them, you’re stocking your mental health toolkit with helpful ways to take care of yourself through life’s ups and downs. No one’s born knowing how to figure it all out. The more we learn, the better we can care for ourselves.

We’ve divided the following resources into categories, so you can choose how to get started. Listen to a podcast, read an article, or save links and info to re-visit later.

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AbilitiCBT programs

Type: Website | Category: State of being

The governments of Ontario and Manitoba are offering their AbilitiCBT Anxiety, Depression and Anxiety (Pandemic) programs for free to all residents age 16 or older.

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Art Museum Programs

Type: Videos | Category: State of being

Art Museum programs address special issues and broader topics that are relevant to critical concerns in contemporary culture, connecting your academic world to the broader community.

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Art Museum Virtual Spotlights

Type: Videos | Category: Equity/social justice

Artists and writers respond to Art Museum's collections, exhibitions, and projects, boldly addressing the critical issues of our time.

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Be Safe App

Type: Apps | Category: State of being

Be Safe is a mobile app that aims to help young adults make a decision about seeking help in a crisis.

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Type: Videos | Categories: Skills development, State of being

BounceBack® is a free skill-building program managed by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

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Brains: Journey to Resilience

Type: Videos | Category: Skills development

Learn about the resilience scale in this scientifically rigorous (and cinematically epic) video created by the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative in consultation with the FrameWorks Institute and the Harvard Center on the Developing Child.

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Breathing Room

Type: Apps | Categories: Skills development, State of being

We all have stuff that can start to weigh us down. It might be the pressure of school, work, relationships or just about anything. Or maybe it's the feeling of always having to be someone you're not.

BreathingRoom is an app and program that helps you relax and connect with yourself. It gives you videos to watch, exercises and visualizations to try, music to listen to and even movie and book suggestions. It might be just what you need to figure things out and start building the life you really want.

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Budget Planner

Type: Articles | Category: Work & finance

The Budget Planner helps you create a customized budget in 3 simple steps. Gather information regarding your income and expenses and get started!

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Type: Apps | Category: State of being

Daylio helps users track their moods and the activities related to them, in order to better see patterns.

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Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Potential

Type: Podcasts | Category: State of being

What makes us conscious beings and why does it matter that we are? In his first ever podcast, Deepak Chopra welcomes a far-ranging group of guests, including Jane Goodall, Russell Brand, Dan Savage, Christopher Wylie, Jean Houston, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and many more, who have paved new paths for understanding our present and future.

How do we define, harness, and elevate our minds? How can we live creatively and purposefully?What makes you, you?