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Arrive UTSC

Join the ArriveUTSC program and learn how to thrive both personally and academically by:

  • Better understanding the connections between academic success and personal well-being
  • Building motivation, optimism, and resilience
  • Improving learning strategy essentials like time management and effective studying
  • Developing a sense of belonging on campus

ArriveUTSC is a holistic 7-week group-based program. To be eligible for this program, you must be a UTSC student who:

  • started in 2019 or before
  • is getting low grades
  • is on academic probation
  • or is on academic suspension

If this is you, then we invite you to sign-up to attend this mini-course. This may be the right time to pause, re-evaluate and pick up some tools to help you move forward in a meaningful way!