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Welcome to Our Care Model

As a U of T student, your mental health is incredibly important.

You’re part of a large and diverse group of students, and you need to be part of a community that allows you to thrive. University can be both stimulating and demanding at every stage, from your very first day all the way through to graduation.

This site provides students with all of our mental health resources in one place, so that finding the support you need is easy and accessible 24 hours a day, wherever you are. While we’re continually improving the way we communicate our resources, our hope is that this site begins to deliver on your feedback.

Take advantage of the many mental health resources presented here and offered across all three U of T campuses – and remember that if you need support, every door at U of T is the right door to walk through.

Consistent Process, Custom Care

As students, you are at the heart of the University of Toronto’s mission of higher education and advanced research, and we want to support you as effectively as possible. We’re incredibly proud of your successes, but we know that challenges often come up along the way.

Across the University, important discussions about student well-being and mental health are taking place, and students are showing great leadership. In March 2019, a four-point plan of action, including a Task Force on Student Mental Health mandated a review of the mental health supports and services we provide.

The Task Force has completed its work and submitted its Final Report. The comprehensive and thoughtful recommendations in the report are a direct result of extensive consultation you’ve contributed, along with other members of the U of T community.

In order to provide a​ streamlined and simplified way to access mental health services, The Presidential and Provostial response to the Task Force report committed to a process redesign, which is well underway. Featured in the redesign is a clearer ‘stepped model of care’, to refocus and harmonize services across all three campuses and seven colleges.

In developing this more efficient and accessible system, we’ve taken care to respect local cultures and priorities across campuses and divisions, and we will continue to expand the diversity of our services, our service providers and our partnerships.

The new model will ensure that you have access to the care and resources you want and need, regardless of where you find yourself on the mental health continuum.

Below is a description of the new stepped-care model. We encourage all of you – students, parents, faculty and staff to learn about the new model and explore the resources available to our community.

Stepped-Care Model

Many models of care exist to respond to student mental health needs. Everyone’s experience is unique and one day can be very different from the next. That’s why we offer a model of care customized to meet students where they are.  

Stepped Care Model

The University of Toronto has adopted a stepped model of care which is a flexible and comprehensive system for delivering clinic-based mental health programs. Treatment intensity can be stepped up or down depending on the level of distress, need and readiness to engage in the growth process. Programs can also be selected and arranged based on engagement. There is no starting point or finish line – only resources and supports that deliver the right care at the right time.


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Informational Self-Directed

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Interactive Self-Directed

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Peer Support

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Guided Self-Help

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Intensive Group Programming

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Flexible Intensive Individual Programming

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Chronic Care and Specialist Consultation

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Acute Care, Systems Navigation, Case Management and Advocacy

Stakeholder engagement & Readiness

Core Components

The stepped care model is based on a set of core components that outline the goals of the model. Foremost is the commitment to flexibility and responsiveness, in how treatment is planned, delivered, and continuously improved. The components highlight a student-centric approach, with a focus on recovery and the reduction of stigma. These components guide all aspects of the Stepped Care model and invite students to participate actively in their own care. 

Student Care Experience

  • Daily access
  • Individualized intervention
  • Adaptable treatment plans
  • Personalized care

Approach and Philosophy

  • Stakeholder collaboration
  • Accessible services
  • Emphasized risk management
  • Ongoing service
  • Improvement recovery-oriented